Wedding Albums

Not all wedding albums are created equal. The main issue is that like anything, you get what you pay for, but when your wedding photography package includes an album what exactly are you paying for. Some albums can be as little as £30 for the photographer to buy.

A professional grade album can easily cost the photographer £500, so if your whole wedding package costs £700 the included album is unlikely to be the £500 one.

Also most of the major album manufacturers will only supply to professional photographers and not the general public so if the person shooting your wedding is not a recognized professional they may be “locked out” of the better quality albums.

A well thought out designed album is very time consuming for the photographer to create and therefore you would expect not to be cheep. But there are short cuts that the photographer can use for an included package album.

The most common one is to say to you that you can only pick a certain amount of images and for a 20 page book, this may be something like 50 images. And then you have to leave it to the photographer as to where and how big each image will feature on the page because any extra input from you means extra work for the photographer and is not costed for, these books can be turned out by the photographer in a couple of hours. So that the only say you may of had is which 50 images you are going to choose.

But this can then be a very good way for the photographer to up-sale to you as the included album only holds 50 images when you may be having to choose form 400.

There are also many names for albums- photobook, storybook, coffee table book, contemporary album, matted or just an album, these are just a few that you may come across.

If a quality wedding book is included in your price then you should expect to see that reflected in the wedding package price.

I don’t include an album in my wedding photography because I prefer to provide what I think is a better more personal and quality product at a later stage and one that lets you have complete control in the design process, that will be a one off and just for you.

 With my albums you can spend as long as you like in designing the album and can include any of the guests snaps or honeymoon snaps and even actual swatches of material from the day or the actual order of service or invites and menus. Many couples even wait until the 1st anniversary which is paper which then makes a perfect gift to each other.
My 2016 albums start from just £289

The wedding albums that I supply use actual photographs that are professionally lab printed.

All my photo editing is done on a professional grade calibrated monitor that is also matched to the labs print output for the very best and most accurate colours.

One of the issues with the low cost photobooks some photographers may use in a package can be with the colour saturation giving an un-natural look and also lack of detail in the white or light areas like the wedding dress.

If you are shown a sample of an included photobook make sure you particularly look at the brides dress and ask yourself if you can still see any detail that should be there.

Some people shooting weddings on a part time basis will not even offer an album because to do it properly you need to fully understand colour proofing, file dimensions, and sizes, which is one reasons that the best manufactures will not supply to non professionals because of the constant colour or size mistakes.

But there is a place for the low cost albums that you can easily get printed online yourself, you will have your official one but then why not create a slightly more informal photobook with all the extra shots although pricless and hilarious gems in their own right, for whatever reason did not end up in the main album.

Also you could create one for each set of parents and the images would then be bespoke to them and their family.